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Volunteer Information

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JANUARY 12 Ė 27, 2008

The Event

The 11th World Bowls Championships will be held at the Burnside Bowling Club (H.Q.), the Fendalton Bowling Club, the Centreís green and Bowls Papanui from January 12 Ė 27, 2008. This event is held every four years and in 2008 for the first time the menís and womenís championships will be held together at the same venues at the same time. The World Bowls Championships (separate menís and womenís events) has been held in New Zealand only once before Ė Auckland in 1988.

Teams of 5 players from the top 24 countries in each of menís and womenís bowls will compete for titles in singles, pairs, triples and fours.

Twenty countries have qualified both menís and womenís teams while four countries have qualified men only and four others women only i.e. 28 countries will be competing in Christchurch.

Call for Volunteers

The contribution of volunteers will be vital to ensure the success of this event while offering the satisfaction of participation in a major World sporting occasion.

While the tournament is some time off we are asking for volunteer applications now so that our infrastructure planning can be completed early.

Conditions for Volunteers

  •  Volunteers will be required to give their time voluntarily and without recompense.

  • Each volunteer will be provided with a basic tournament uniform.

  • In some cases job specific training will be provided and will be necessary.

  • Lunch will be provided for volunteers required to work both in the morning and afternoon on any one day while facilities will be available for short refreshment breaks.

  • Personal qualities required are a sense of humour, flexibility and common sense.

  • An admission ticket will be provided for each day or part day worked.

Application Process

The Volunteer Application Form should be completed as fully as possible and sent to:

Ken Wilson-Pyne

General Manager

Bowls Events New Zealand

PO Box 31-002, Ilam,


There are two sessions on most days. Two days are likely to have 3 sessions. If you are not available every day we still want you to apply so please complete the form and indicate when you are available. At this stage every application will be considered.

The due date for applications is July 15th 2007.

Applications will be acknowledged some time in August by post or email when further information will be available.



Score Board Officials

During section play only one scoreboard/rink will be staffed. In post-section play two boards/rink will be staffed.

48 games will be played at any one time in section play most requiring score board officials. Two or three sessions/day will be played. More than 120 score board officials will be required.

N.B. Offers from clubs willing to supply score board officials for a green for a half or full day or more would be most welcome.

Greensí Support

This involves some or all of preparing the green, marking the green, organising rink numbers, boards, jacks and mats, and greensí surrounds. Most of this work will be done by venue club members but offers of help would be welcome.


Providing an hourly shuttle service between Fendalton-Burnside-Bowls Papanui and sometimes accommodation. VIPs shuttle and meet and greet. Hire vans will be used.

Contract buses will be hired for team airport transfers, daily transport and evening functions.


Directing traffic to parking areas on local parks. Two hour shifts.


Assisting with opening (formal), closing and all medal ceremonies, flags, anthems and PA system, hosting VIPs.

Site Maintenance

Assisting with clubhouse utilities, rubbish collection and disposal, grandstands and seating, entrances, flag poles, general site appearance, TV sites, and signage.


After hours security will be contracted to a security firm.

Volunteers will be required for clubhouse security during playing hours in two hour shifts, gate duty (involves greeting, selling tickets and programmes) in two hour shifts.

Food, Bar and Functions

Professional caterers will be contracted to cater for each event. Linked to ceremonies function.

Volunteers may be required to provide tea and coffee service, to staff the bars of venue clubs and to assist at functions e.g. welcome function, functions for players and teams, closing functions. Venue club members will play a vital role in this area.

Help In Any Way

Volunteers who are willing to help in any way will be much appreciated.

The above list is not exhaustive by any means so if you see gaps please contact Ken Wilson-Pyne.

Some specialist areas such as information technology and results will be staffed separately.

Thank you. All volunteers are valued as all will contribute equally to the success of this event.

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